Painting reference

I’ve been thinking about what paintings to bring with me to the Attleboro Expo for the Senses later this month. I’m creating a slew of smaller works – pastels and acrylics 8″ x 10″ and under, as well as matted prints. Some of these are based on subjects I have painted before and some recent photos. But I’d like to explore more local scenery for the Expo.

My husband grew up in Attleboro, and helped me map out some ideas of photo ops in the area. Now that I have a plan of attack, I’ll be on the road to take lots of reference pics. I’m not too encouraged by the sky here in Douglas – it’s pretty gray. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get some blue sky.

I’m going to check out Capron Park, downtown Attleboro, maybe LaSalette shrine – anything else that looks inspiring as I cruise the area.

I’m also looking forward to spending some time in Providence on Saturday. The Providence Art Festival on Westminster street looks pretty awesome, so I’ll be checking that out. Plus there is a waterfirethat night, lighting at 8:12 pm, so it would be a good day to hit the city and take more pictures.

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